In the case of ISO6 or lower class cleanrooms, a special cleaning system is required for the passage of personnel or the transfer of items. Air showers clean the passage from the outside of the clean room to the point of entry, including the removal of contaminant particles from clothing and fabric surfaces.

The clean room air shower decontaminates surfaces with high velocity filtered air at 25 m/sec. The collision displaces and lifts particles suspended in the moving air, which are continuously transported to the filter sections that ensure their disposal.


Air showers are self-contained and do not interfere with the clearance system. The structure consists of self-supporting, double-walled, painted sheet metal or AISI 304 stainless steel panels with a seamless inner surface.

In our clean room air shower design the ventilation is provided by an original MUM centrifugal axial flow propeller that feeds directly into the final HEPA H13 filter, reducing the vertical space requirements of the fully assembled unit during transport and operation.


As there is no need to change clothes or sterilize items separately, cleanroom air showers effectively replace intermediate changing rooms, thus increasing the efficiency of the staff’s working hours.

Control system

The command and control system of the clean room air showers is managed by a PLC. The inverter is controlled by dynamic pressure indication to adjust a proper airflow.

A transit mode can be activated by two external traffic light panels or from the internal emergency button.

The clean room air shower system is equipped with an internal display that shows the cleaning cycle and the time elapsed until the exit is enabled. In addition, a wear sensor and alarm are also installed.

  • Airflow is generally controlled to maintain negative pressure inside.
  • Fields of application
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biomedical
  • Electronics, microelectronics
  • Aerospace

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