Are your products ISO 14644 compliant?

Yes, all of our products are compliant with the European Standard EN ISO 14644 standards. This means if you use our doors and pass boxes, they will maintain the required air cleanliness in your cleanroom environment.

Are your products GMP compliant?

KleanLabs doors and boxes will not hold you back from meeting the strict GMP qualifying standards, even from GRADE 1 level.

Do you make custom sizes?

Yes. All of our products are available in custom sizes. Please look at the spec sheets as minimum and maximum sizes are the only limits.

Do you ship to any country?

We ship worldwide without exclusions. Please contact us for shipping inquiry.

Do you stock spare parts for your products?

The benefits of ordering right from the manufacturer is that we keep every component of our products on stock. Should there be any failure or attrition in your clean room doors or pass boxes, spare parts can be ordered right away from KleanLabs, with fast delivery.

How much warranty do you offer for your products?

KleanLabs is proud to stand by the quality of everything it creates. We don’t abandon our customers once we delivered, but a one-year warranty is offered to all of our products by default. For extra security and prolonged care, extended warranty is available upon request.

How much time does it take to produce my order?

Normally you can expect a 2-4 weeks period manufacturing time after payment.

Can you provide us product catalogs?

Yes, we have separate catalogs for the clean room doors and pass through boxes.

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