Modular clean room systems are designed to control particle contamination within a clean room. Thus, industries and applications where small particles can adversely affect manufacturing can benefit from modular clean room design.

As a clean room manufacturer, we prioritize technological precision and unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products. Throughout the development process of our modular clean room solutions, environmental architectural studies were conducted to optimize the ultrafiltration systems and control microclimatic conditions. Therefore modular clean room systems offer various solutions for air diffusion and airflow to achieve high levels of hygiene.

Industries that can benefit from modular clean room solutions are among others

  • semiconductor manufacturing,
  • pharmaceutical processing,
  • optical parts manufacturing
  • biotech and medical device manufacturing,
  • automotive component production,
  • cosmetics manufacturing.

Benefits of modular clean room solutions

Compared to traditional clean rooms, modular and portable clean rooms offer exceptional flexibility at a more affordable price while providing the same features. They are adaptable a small clean room can be easily extended or relocated if production requirements change and the layout of the clean room needs to be tailored to a specific production process, or if more floor area is needed.


Modular clean room installation is exceptionally easy, including stand-alone products. This feature makes modular clean rooms highly scalable, thus, they are beneficial for fast-growing industries. Modular clean room components are manufactured and delivered quickly, taking significantly less time than in the case of traditional clean rooms.

Easy to install

Modular clean rooms may be robust, yet they offer flexibility. The rooms are delivered in a ready-to-assemble state, the kits ensure smooth assembly and installation even by non-qualified personnel. Regardless, we provide full support for our customers.

All products are manufactured in the EU according to ISO-14644 or GMP standards for modular cleanroom classification.



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