Kleanlabs offers sterile and clean room cabinets and storage units to meet a wide range of needs from operating rooms to labs.

Sterile and clean room cabinets and storage units have been designed to maintain the cleanliness integrity of clean room garments during storage with a laminar flow. KleanLabs active and semi-active compartments are perfect applications for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, operating rooms, chemical biotech, nanotechnology, LCD, Wafer fabrication, semiconductors and food processing industries, among others.

Kleanlabs garment & shoe storage cabinets provide the premium solution to meet your garment storage needs while making a positive contribution to maintaining the cleanliness of your controlled clean room environment. Clean room garments can accumulate particulate contamination during storage and between laundry washes, which in turn may lead to lower product yields and increased product quality issues.

How is clean storage of garments achieved?

Our sterile and clean cabinets can effectively purge and remove particles such as lint and dust ingress on the clothing fabric. A direct-drive variable-speed blower is mounted above a HEPA filter that prevents contaminants from entering the unit, keeping garments safe and completely free of particulates.

Different configurations of clean room cabinets to meet specific needs

Choose from our range of configurations that suits your application requirements best, including custom sizes and custom specifications. The KleanLabs garment storage only cabinet features adjustable shelves, while the stainless steel cabinet comes without transparent windows.

All cabinets are available both in standard and custom dimensions and specifications.

ItemCleanroom garment & shoes storage cabinetCleanroom garment storage cabinetCleanroom shoes storage cabinet
Outside DimensionsCustom dimensions & sizes are available
Body construction1.6t Powder Coating Steel, or 1.5t SUS Stainless Steel
Front door2t removeable anti-static PVC stripe curtainacrylic door panel or glass1.6t Powder Coating Steel, or 1.5t SUS Stainless Steel
Power supplyAC 1∅ 110V 220V, 50/60Hz  



The KleanLabs active or dynamic clean room cabinet features a built-in FFU that assures impeccable filtration and ventilation. Since these compartments meet the highest hygiene standards, they are recommended for both shoe and garment storage in any environment of very high cleanliness standard. Given its own ventilation system, this model does not need to be connected to an already existing air handling system, it simply requires a power outlet.

Standard Specs

- Standard dimensions: W1000*D650*H2440
- Useful Domension: W920*D600*H1850
- Body Construction: SUS 304
- FFU (SUS430): W574*D574*H180
- HEPA: 570*570*50 w / aluminium, Frame, Efiiciency 99.99% at 0.3 um

- Pre Filter: 445*180*22 mm, w / aluminium
- Light: 14W
- Power Consumption: 115W
- Power Supply: AC1 @ 22V 50Hz
- Pressure Gauge (250 PA) - 1Pc
- Door: Moving door, 5 mm PVC anti-static



The KleanLabs semi-active clean room shoe storage can fit 18 pairs of shoes. The see-through acrylic panels assure easy identification of the right pair. This model comes with its own HEPA filtration rated 99.99% at 0.3 um, but needs to be connected to an already-existing air handling system. Their AISI 316L stainless steel design provides a safe solution for operating rooms, labs and a variety of other clean environments.


Standard Specs

- Standard dimensions: W840*D600*H1970
- Body Construction: SUS 304
- Capacity: maximum 18 people
With the adjusted damper (SUS)



We are introducing one of our latest designs: the clean room cabinet. This product is specifically created for the special needs of operating rooms where the need for additional sterile material and equipment may arise suddenly during an operation. These cabinets, with their AISI 316L stainless steel design, provide a safe solution for material transfer in any operating room or clean room with extremely high hygiene standards.

The KleanLabs semi-active clean room garment storage cabinet features a clothes rail for hanging up garments that can be accessed through a sliding door with a 5 mm anti-static PVC coating. Our standard garment storage units suitable for storing 6-8 clean room garments. This model is similarly built to the shoe storage cabinet since it’s semi-active nature, meaning that it needs to be connected to an already-existing air handling system, but comes with its own HEPA filtration rated 99.99% at 0.3 um.

Our standard garment storage units sutiitable for storing 6-8 clean room garments


We manufacture every product tailored to the specific needs of our clients, providing a wide range of solutions to make your material flow efficient.


KleanLabs® Labo cabinets feature full-size tempered glass doors, so that stored items are always visible and can be grabbed quickly.


KleanLabs® Labo cabinets function similarly to pass boxes, featuring an electromagnetic lock that prevents the simultaneous opening the doors on both sides. This way, both the sterile environment and the stored materials remain contamination-free.


Similarly to pass boxes, we market KleanLabs® Labo cabinets with an active ventilation system powered by a motor. The incoming air passes through an H13 HEPA filter, eliminating dust on the shelves. The HEPA filtration can also be connected to the central air handling system.

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