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EN ISO 14644 Compliance

EN ISO 14644 Compliance

Our cleanroom doors are compliant with the European Standard EN ISO 14644 standards. This means if you use our doors, they will maintain the required air cleanliness in your cleanroom environment. Our doors also do not interfere with the conditions in which that level of cleanliness has to be controlled and maintained.

GMP Compliance

GMP Compliance

The strict GMP guidelines of the European Union require cleanrooms to meet certain particle numbers both during operation and the manufacturing process. KleanLabs doors will not hold you back from meeting these GMP qualifying standards, even from GRADE 1 level.

Customizable models

We manufacture our products in custom sizes and equip them with a variety of features on demand such as card opening and optional mechanical or electronic locking in case of doors; and UV-C or LED lights, interlock timer or air pressure drain valve in case of pass boxes.

Easy integration

Our products are compatible with any clean room wall type (modular, drywall, sandwich panel). The system-independent design facilitates easy installation, regardless of brand or manufacturer.

Heavy duty body

Our products are made of thick reinforced ALU profile, which increases durability and resistance to bending. Our door panels feature with plate glazing and 60 mm thick AISI 304L or AISI 306 stainless steel walls, while our pass boxes are equipped with 50 mm thick wall panels.

Easy maintenance

Since the surfaces of our doors and pass boxes are resistant to solvent-based cleaning products and disinfectants and they have plate glass on both sides, easy cleaning and maintenance are guaranteed.


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Thanks to our efficient progression in 2015 KleanLabs established a new manufacturing plant of 1700 m2, where we have the capacity to produce five thousand items a year. What makes however these products truly unique is the outstandingly competitive prices we are able to maintain. We offer world leading quality much under the prices you might be familiar with. We believe costefficiency should never result in opting for low quality.

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