Biocontainment systems are innovative solutions for the containment of biological contamination in the research, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors. The system is an evolution of Flexwalls cleanroom containment structure assembly kit designed to facilitate on-site assembly without needing specialized equipment or expert personnel.

The kit consists of equal parts to be joined together to obtain the desired enclosed environment. Assembly is possible even in rooms that are not particularly accessible to conventional controlled environment structures. The kit also allows disassembly, reassembly, and movement, further reinforcing the “stand-alone” concept.

Biocontainment suites provide specialized solutions for biosafety chambers. The modular assembly kit and the custom-made bio clean rooms combine architectural and layout study with safe paths for the inside and outside of the system. Also includes the study of air treatment to ensure bio safety and comfort, all to achieve the degree of containment required by current regulations.


The COMPACT portable biosafety cabinet has been designed for dental and microsurgical biocontainment. It implements biological containment to protect both personnel and the patient from airborne infections during surgery with properly managed and controlled air flows from the ventilation/disinfection system.

The ISOLA COMPACT biocontainment suites are equipped with HEPA filtration and UV-C LED decontamination systems in order to decontaminate the air that reaches the operator and patient. Due to the generous flow rate of treated air that is transported from the point where it is generated to the footage below the working level, the contamination is diluted.

Thus the contamination can be removed from the surgical volume in ⅔ seconds, effectively eliminating operator and patient exposure.

In addition to the HEPA filtration system, a second system is located on the ceiling to capture contaminants released locally from aerosol at high speeds during critical operations. The capture system can be moved and oriented to ensure that the intake port is as close as possible to the discharge point.


The ISOLA LAB system redefines the concept of biosafety laboratories, providing a flexible and out-of-the-box solution for research centers. The modular design of the system enables the construction of complex modules for 2 or more stations, up to full-size departments.

Due to the optimized layout, including an entrance pre-chamber AIRLOCK, even BSL3 grade is achievable.

The LAB-s can be further equipped with:

  • attachments required for the exit of infected material or interfacing equipment
  • and process systems on the wall,
  • low leakage confinement structure,
  • a double barrier with HEPA filter for air inlet and outlet, and
  • an industrially designed self-ventilating extraction module to achieve high
  • performance and continuous use.


The TRIAGE biosafety cabinet is the ideal solution for isolating patients suspected of having an airborne disease in hospitals and public places such as schools, ports, and airport terminals. Furthermore, it offers an efficient and convenient solution in areas where traditional systems cannot be equipped because they are over-costly, inflexible, and take too long to set up.

Thanks to its technological design and its enviable brightness, which reduces the isolation factor for personnel, the TRIAGE guarantees great performance and an optimal bio safety level even in the most demanding sectors.

Biological containment of the system is achieved by:

  • a low leakage confinement structure,
  • double HEPA filtration section in the discharge for safety redundancy,
  • a UVC stage to sanitize the infected side surface of the HEPA endpoint filter,
  • an industrial design self-venting extraction module for continuous use and high performance and
  • a wide range of accessories for safe removal of infected material or sampling.

The TRIAGE biocontainment suites can be further equipped with:

  • 2 mm thick, single-layer, antistatic PVC floor covering,
  • Lightning, (500 Lux)
  • Glove wall module with double door material passage and
  • Sealed waste collector.


The ISOLA kit is designed for hospitals, RSAs, and the pharmaceutical sector to care for patients with airborne diseases. The modularity of the ISOLA biocontainment suites allow the creation of complex modules for 2 or more stations, up to full-size departments.

The biocontainment of the system is achieved by studying an optimized layout that includes an AIRLOCK pre-chamber inlet. To further enhance biocontainment ISOLA suites can be equipped with:

  • accessories for the application of contaminated materials or the wall connection of
  • equipment and process systems,
  • a low-loss containment structure,
  • a double barrier with HEPA filter at the air inlet and outlet,
  • a double HEPA filter section at the outlet for safety redundancy,
  • industrial design self-venting extraction module for continuous use and high performance, and
  • a UVC stage to sanitize the infected side surface of the HEPA endpoint filter.

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