3 June 2021

Why hinges are key factor in the durability of clean room doors

Hinges are always crucial parts of a door – which is especially true for clean room doors where durability, flexibility and reliability are all essential factors. Any malfunction of clean room doors can lead to severe consequences, hindering workflows. Therefore, even the smallest part of the doors must be very durable. In case the door

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13 May 2021

What is the recommended replacement frequency for HEPA filters?

How often should HEPA filters be replaced in a clean room? Every clean room operator faces this question at some point and it quickly becomes an important issue while considering replacement and maintenance costs. In the following, we provide an overview on HEPA filters, HEPA filter testing and give some expert tips on HEPA filter

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25 March 2021

Ultimate guide to sterile vs. clean rooms

Sterile rooms or clean rooms? Contrary to popular belief, the two terms are not interchangeable. Take a deep dive into the subject with KleanLabs, learning about where sterile manufacturing is used, what classifications are applicable and find out about some best practices applied in sterile manufacturing. What differentiates sterile rooms from clean rooms? Clean rooms

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23 February 2021

Centralized vs. decentralized clean room air handling (AHU vs. FFU) – a practical comparison

While centralized clean room air handling has certainly been a champion of cleanliness, decentralized systems have become more and more popular in practice due to their major cost advantage. Decentralized systems filter and control the air locally with fan filter units (FFUs), meaning that the clean area can be broken up to several smaller clean

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