25 March 2021

Ultimate guide to sterile vs. clean rooms

Sterile rooms or clean rooms? Contrary to popular belief, the two terms are not interchangeable. Take a deep dive into the subject with KleanLabs, learning about where sterile manufacturing is used, what classifications are applicable and find out about some best practices applied in sterile manufacturing. What differentiates sterile rooms from clean rooms? Clean rooms

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23 February 2021

Centralized vs. decentralized clean room air handling (AHU vs. FFU) – a practical comparison

While centralized clean room air handling has certainly been a champion of cleanliness, decentralized systems have become more and more popular in practice due to their major cost advantage. Decentralized systems filter and control the air locally with fan filter units (FFUs), meaning that the clean area can be broken up to several smaller clean

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1 December 2020

Why is an Interlocking Door System Safe for your Cleanrooms

Cleanliness is one of the greatest values of today’s world. The pandemic situation emphasized the importance of disinfection and control over vulnerable materials. Therefore, it is high time to examine safety equipment and review higiene protocols of the most sensitive places of work. Containment suits, laboratories and cleanrooms require an extreme level of filtration and

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1 October 2020

KleanLabs spark-proof clean room pass through boxes for elevated safety

Meeting very specific needs of industries whose demands go beyond standard pass boxes has been our focal point in extending the KleanLabs pass box for clean room product line. It was in this spirit that we have developed the KleanLabs spark-proof pass through box for explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX Directive. We offer models

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