Why choose an automatic sliding clean room door

29 March 2022
Why choose an automatic sliding clean room door

Doors are essential parts of cleanrooms because they keep the controlled clean environment sealed of unwanted contaminator particles. Clean room doors must meet some basic standards to ensure proper functioning. They must have quality seals, hands-free activation and pressure control. Besides easy installation and compatibility, cleanability and durability are also indispensable.

Across several industries, hinged doors do not meet the criteria for cleanability, because opening a door manually creates air turbulence, causing uncontrolled air exchange between rooms.

Industries that can highly benefit from sliding clean room doors

Industries where hygiene plays a central role are the most common applications of sliding clean room doors since automatic sliding doors meet ISO-14644/GMP clean room standards, thus they’re ideal for:

  • food industry,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • healthcare and
  • laboratories.

About sliding doors in clean rooms in general

Sliding clean room doors eliminate unwelcomed strong turbulent air currents and pressure swings. Compared to hinged doors, sliding clean room doors take up less space from the controlled environment. Along with minimizing waste of space, sliding doors also improve efficiency and are more convenient for personnel.

Sliding door come in both single and double wing versions

Installation and integrity

After the installation of automatic sliding clean room doors, sliding tracks and units, thresholds and rails should be enclosed. Furthermore the housing of the drive parts should be easy to open. Along with a universal door frame that is suitable for different walls (brickwork wall, cleanroom wall, gypsum board wall), a compact smooth running sliding track is essential for integrity.

Cost benefits

Automatic sliding clean room doors make your access faster than usual manual doors. This is a cost effective way to control clean room entries and exits.

What makes automation so important?

Clean room doors can be equipped with both sensors or manual control units for automatic operation. These automatic doors feature a touch-motion door pad that allows hands-free operation and a microprocessor-controller to monitor the position of the door and closing speed.

Automatic sliding clean room doors are beneficial to maintain cleanroom pressure differentials. Moreover these doors help to minimize process, human and product contact with contaminated air from particles, chemicals or microbial agents. Sliding clean room doors are also helpful when personnel need to carry items from one clean room to another.

Automated KleanLabs single wing sliding door installed

False activation can compromise the controlled cleanroom environment. In order to avoid that, all automatic clean room doors have to function with “knowing act” activation instead of sensor activation. This function prevents the door from staying open for longer than necessary or false activation. A person or an object that is located within the door operational sensor zone won't be a disturbing factor.

Interfacing doors together can also be an option to better control room pressure. Thus only one door is open at a time that allows for less contamination.

It is very important to note that sliding clean room doors require electronic access to work. In case of a power failure, you need to have a backup system to operate the door.

Key advantages of automatic sliding clean room doors

To sum up, automatic clean room sliding doors have many beneficial features, but we would like to highlight the following:

  • low space requirements,
  • eliminates unwelcomed air turbulents,
  • advantageous for hand-free operation,
  • minimizes particulate transference.

Introducing KleanLabs automatic sliding doors for various industries

KleanLabs automatic sliding clean room doors are available in both single and double winged models, in standard or custom sizes. With their heavy-duty buildup and premium hardware – aluminum and steel components – these doors are suited for laboratories/pharmaceutical applications.

Sliding clean room doors have aluminum edges and steel door inserts. They are available in both single and double winged versions.

The door frame is suitable for different wall types, which is a key to easy installation. Automatic clean room doors can be equipped with different interlocking solutions, safety features and comfort.

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