Cleanroom door specifications and accessories tailor-made to your needs

14 March 2023
Cleanroom door specifications and accessories tailor-made to your needs

Cleanrooms are critical in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and electronics. They are designed to maintain a controlled environment with low levels of airborne particles, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Cleanroom doors are a crucial aspect of cleanroom design. We offer durable airlock cleanroom doors in single-wing and double-wing models with interlock system solutions. Our doors comply with ISO standards and are highly customizable with accessories to fit specific needs. KleanLabs' clean room doors provide a reliable and safe environment for sensitive operations.

In this article, we give an overview of our

Overview of cleanroom door specifications

When choosing cleanroom doors, it is essential to consider their material, seal, hinges, locks, and windows. Carefully selecting clean room door specifications and accessories helps industries to ensure that their cleanrooms remain free of contaminants and meet the necessary standards for their applications.

Kleanlabs' cleanroom doors are highly customizable and available in custom sizes, enabling customers to choose the perfect size and model for their needs. The following are some critical clean room door specifications to consider.

Single-winged hinged clean room door

Single-winged hinged clean room door

Opening dimensions

When choosing cleanroom doors, there are minimum and maximum opening dimensions to consider. For a single-winged, hinged cleanroom door, the minimum opening dimension is 600x1800 mm and the maximum is 1200x2500 mm. For the double-winged hinged model, the minimum opening dimension is 1300x1800 mm and the maximum is 2400x2500 mm.

For single-winged sliding cleanroom doors, the minimum opening dimension is 600x1800 mm and the maximum is 2500x3000 mm. The double-winged model has a minimum of 1400x1800 mm and the maximum opening dimensions are the same as the single-winged version.

Specific requirements for custom dimensions can be accommodated for both hinged and sliding cleanroom door models, including single and double-winged options.


Our cleanroom doors come with standard PIR insulation. However, customers who require higher levels of fire resistance may opt for mineral wool insulation, as an optional upgrade. Rock- and other mineral wool insulations provide superior fire resistance compared to PIR insulation, but it is important to note that in the case of our cleanroom doors, neither insulation type is fireproof.

Standard Fittings

We offer standard fittings for single and double-winged hinged cleanroom doors to meet the specifications of various industrial applications. The fittings include aluminum door edges and steel door inserts, to provide durability and strength to the door. Universal door frames are also available for both hinged and sliding clean room doors, designed to fit different wall types, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cleanroom environments.

Hinged clean room doors shut flush with the wall, the 3D adjustable hinges allow flexibility in installation, ensuring that the door fits securely and operates smoothly. While not airtight, the system does prevent contamination by sealing the door edges. Our sliding-type door closers provide an effortless and efficient way of closing the door, while plain glazing allows for transparency without compromising on the required levels of cleanliness.

KleanLabs sliding doors are designed with a compact, smooth running sliding track with upper cover, ensuring efficient and smooth operation while maintaining the required cleanliness levels. Of course such doors cannot close flush with the wall, but well-designed rubber profiles offer the same level or sealing as our hinged doors. With our range of standard fittings for sliding cleanroom doors, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution for any cleanroom environment.

Sliding clean room doors with custom accessories

Sliding clean room doors with custom accessories

Choose from our clean room door accessories for custom requirements

In addition to meeting different specifications, clean room door accessories may also be required to maintain the integrity of the controlled environment.

  • Doors interlocking,
  • green-red traffic light,
  • release button for interlock, and
  • stainless steel door inserts

are the key accessories available for both hinged and sliding cleanroom doors in single or double-winged versions. For hinged cleanroom doors, a hydraulic door closer is also available to ensure that the door closes properly and securely.

However, for sliding cleanroom doors, a wider range of accessories are offered, including an

  • automatic opening kit,
  • battery-powered safety opening,
  • magic switch opening,
  • safety photocells,
  • safety radar,
  • remote control, and
  • an external display screen.

These features allow for ease of use while maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the cleanroom environment.

Cleanroom doors from KleanLabs

At KleanLabs, we utilize our extensive experience to create a product range that can withstand extreme mechanical stress while maintaining a visually pleasing appearance.

Our cleanroom doors meet all the necessary requirements for cleanroom environments and are designed to be user-friendly, with easy installation and maintenance. All of our cleanroom doors are manufactured in the European Union and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

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