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We have developed the KleanLabs clean room pass box product line for ISO-14644 or GMP certified applications. All KleanLabs pass boxes are manufactured in custom sizes and comply with the ISO 14644 standard, providing a safe and efficient solution for material transfer within the clean room environment.

During the design phase, as an experienced clean room manufacturer, we have focused on ease of installation, so that our pass boxes can be built into any kind of structure from modular cleanroom systems through drywall to sandwich panels. Pass boxes are marketed in passive and active models with a filter which can be integrated into an already-existing ventilation system. This way pass boxes become a vital part of the clean room with optimal air exchange and filtration.

Clean room pass boxes ensure the safe and hygienic flow of both materials and equipment within the clean room, and also facilitate the flow of material in and out of the clean room, using hermetically sealed spaces to minimize contact with the outside environment. We mitigate the risk of cross- contamination by using a KleanLabs clean room sluice. Moreover, our pass boxes are highly customizable. For instance, they can be equipped with a UV lamp or its own filtration and ventilation as in case of the active model. By using KleanLabs pass boxes, you can minimize the unnecessary entries and exits from the clean room environment, thus saving both energy and costs.

Overview of Kleanlabs Pass Box models:

Product Versions Static Semi Active Dynamic
Standard Static-standard Standard SemiActive-standard Standard Dynamic-standard
3Doors Static-3doors 3Doors SemiActive-3doors 3Doors Dynamic-3doors
Trolley Static-trolley Trolley SemiActive-trolley Trolley Dynamic-trolley
Combi Static-combi Combi SemiActive-combi Combi Dynamic-combi
PurposesISO-14644/GMP simple material transfer between two spaces. No ventilation, or filtering.ISO-14644/GMP filtered material transfer between two spaces. Can be integrated into an already-existing HVAC system.ISO-14644/GMP high performance filtered material transfer between two spaces. Stand-alone filtered units.
Custom dimensions
Doors interlocking
Stainless steel body
Anodized aluminum fronts
High performance hardware
Wall-mounted version
Floor-mounted version
Remote control board
Built-in control board
HEPA filtering
Built-in fan motor
Recirculationdepends on HVAC system
Pre-filtered air
Stand-alone unit
Magnehelic pressure gaugeAvailableAvailable
UV-C germicidal lightsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Air pressure drain valveAvailableAvailable
DOP portsAvailableAvailable
ATEX versionAvailableAvailableAvailable
Door Interlock timerAvailableAvailableAvailable
LED lightsAvailableAvailableAvailable
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