Introducing ​​modular clean room solutions by KleanLabs

14 June 2022
Introducing ​​modular clean room solutions by KleanLabs

2022 has brought some exciting news for KleanLabs. We have extended our product line with modular clean room solutions that include:

  • modular clean rooms,
  • biocontainment suits,
  • clean room air showers,
  • laminar flow workstations and
  • environmental chambers.

By offering various modular clean room solutions, our goal is to supply and deliver complete, yet highly flexible and scalable clean room solutions that meet strict industrial standards. Our selection of modular clean room structures can meet any special needs of envelope systems and other construction methods.

To recommend the ideal system for our clients, we consider timescales, processes, physical space, and of course, the budget. Although our solutions are always designed to meet customers’ specific needs, modular clean rooms can be extended, altered or relocated, hence they can fulfill future needs, as well.

Find the right modular clean room structure depending on the level of flexibility you need

Based on the modularity and flexibility of the systems, we offer three different modular clean room solutions to meet the needs of various industrial sectors.

Flexwall modular clean room solution


The flexwall structure is the latest development aimed at facilitating assembly on site without the use of specialized equipment or expert personnel. The system consists of equal portions of compositions to be joined together on site until the dimensions of the desired confined area are reached. Installation is possible even in rooms that are not particularly accessible for traditional controlled environment structures.

To enhance modularity and flexibility, the air handling system can be dissembled, assembled, expanded, reconfigured, and upgraded.

Besides guaranteeing quality fittings and performance for the most demanding sectors, flexwall clean room walls provide a remarkable overall aesthetic effect with an enviable brightness that reduces the isolation factor of personnel.

Due to

  • maximum system flexibility,
  • the speed of set-up and
  • less demanding costs,

flexwall kits are an effective and very convenient solution to meet the demands for controlled contamination systems for non-traditional activities.

Softwall flexible perimeter partitions


Softwall clean room wall systems offer a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that can be used both permanently or temporarily. The most common industrial applications of this structure are:

  • pharmaceuticals,
  • homeopathy,
  • supplements,
  • cosmetics manufacturing,
  • food and biomedical industry,
  • mechanics,
  • electronics,
  • aerospace and any other labs.

Softwalls can be manufactured in various sizes to suit any use case. According to clean room standards, softwalls comply with ISO 5 classification.

Softwall modular clean room structures are made of flexible perimeter partitions composed of curtain strips of transparent and opaque plastic material. They are available both in fixed and mobile systems, where the supporting structure consists of hollow-core profiles that can be mounted together with screws.

The system is equipped with MTF filter-fan modules in the ceiling along with lighting modules and plain ceiling modules, as well. Lateral containments is assured by curtain strips of antistatic plastic material.

Modular clean room hard wall system

Hard walls

Hardwalls are superseded systems, thus the modular build-up allows assembly of even non-skilled professionals. With a standard thickness of 50mm, composite, and a class 1 fire reaction polyurethane core, vertical wall panels form a perfectly coplanar surface with optimized pitch to obtain the required size. According to cleanroom standards, hard walls comply up to ISO Class 4.

The hardwall clean room wall systems also offer high-level customization options such as:

  • door interlocking,
  • material pass box,
  • air shower,
  • self-contained OMK extraction unit for positive pressure control,
  • single-phase or three-phase electrical sockets IP54-65,
  • wall plates for electrical or hydraulic sockets and
  • analog measuring stations for differential pressure or pressure drop.

ISOLA Compact boiocontainment suit

Biocontainment suits

We offer biosafety chambers for the containment of biological contamination in research and health sectors. The suits are available in a modular assembly kit or customized.

When designing these systems, an architectural study has been combined with a layout study of both the internal and external safe paths of the system, as well as a detailed analysis of air treatment to ensure safety and comfort. All these studies are necessary to achieve the degree of containment required by current regulations. Our biocontainment solutions include:

  • ISOLA Compact - for dental and microsurgery clinics.
  • ISOLA Lab - for biosafety labs up to BLS 3 grade.
  • ISOLA Triage - for isolating patients having an airborne disease in hospitals and public spaces.
  • ISOLA compact - biocontainment for patient care with airborne disease for hospitals and RSAs.

Air showers for clean rooms

Clean room air showers

As people or objects are entering a clean room with a class of ISO 6 or above, they must pass through a clean transit where contaminant particles are removed from the clothing and the surface of materials.

With air showers there is no need for changing rooms, thus entering a clean room becomes much faster and easier, therefore it increases productivity. Air showers are recommended in clean rooms where personnel needs to leave and enter the clean room frequently.

A clean room air shower is an autonomous structure that can be built into any cleanroom system. It features a cabinet structure, – without a frame – that is is made of self-supporting double-walled panels in painted sheet metal or AISI 304 stainless steel with a seamless internal surface. The operation of the air shower structure is controlled by a PLC.

Downcross MCP FL

Laminar flow stations

Laminar flow workstations protect the material from contamination and prevent the spread of airborne dust during the production process. Therefore, dust and other particles are directed toward the filtered MRF recovery section that is located on the wall in front of the worker.

The station is equipped with a HEPA H13 filter and MTF AUT filter-ventilation units are installed on the ceiling. Furthermore, a 15% pressure differential ensures a proper, even airflow.

Laminar flow stations are ideal for pharmaceuticals, supplements, cosmetics, and biomedical industry applications.

Hardwall clima room

Environmental chambers

Inside a rigid structured environmental chamber, even the microclimatic conditions can be controlled. They are suitable for simulating excessive ambient exposure conditions or laboratory-controlled yet accelerated conditions such as:

  • extreme temperatures,
  • thermal shock,
  • altitude,
  • relative humidity,
  • electrodynamic vibration,
  • electromagnetic radiation,
  • rain,
  • salt spray,
  • weathering,
  • UV degradation and
  • vacuum.

Environmental chambers can be compartmentalized and are suitable for pharmaceuticals, homeopathy, supplements, cosmetics, food, biomedical, mechanics, electronics microelectronics, aerospace, and laboratory applications.

Complete modular clean room solutions from KleanLabs

At KleanLabs, our modular clean rooms are designed to be durable and easy to maintain, yet adaptable, thus they are quickly and easily relocatable, expandable, and reusable. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

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