Hardwall modular clean room walls are a superseded system, that meets cleanroom standards up to ISO 4 class. In addition, with a standard thickness of 50mm, the structure provides a composite, a class 1 fire reaction polyurethane core.

The vertical wall panels form a perfectly coplanar surface with an optimized pitch to achieve the required size, therefore the hardwall allows assembly even by non-specialized professionals.

Modular structure

Hardwall modular clean room wall kits are available in two different types. The standard kit provides a pre-painted iron sheet in RAL 9010 or AISI 304 with concealed quick-release coupling system. The pharma kit offers 2.5 mm thick plastic laminate surfaces, in white or white-green, with an internal metal stiffening frame and connection system with tongue and groove joint.

We provide a suspended ceiling with panels similar to vertical sections and a double suspended ceiling for ISO5 laminar flow classes and higher. The thickness of the ceiling is depending on span widths.


Maximum dimensions

max external height

3600 mm

max internal height

3000 mm

Configuration tailored to your specific processes

  • door interlocking,
  • material passbox,
  • air shower,
  • self-contained OMK extraction unit for positive pressure control,
  • single-phase or three-phase electrical sockets IP54-65,
  • wall plates for electrical or hydraulic sockets,
  • analog measuring stations for differential pressure or pressure drop




The windows are single-pane structures with anodized aluminum frames and interlocking profiles. The frameless double-glazed METAL line is fixed to the wall through holes in the factory-prepared guides.



Hardwall structure provides built-in housing and LED lamps with low-voltage DC ballast, for use in cleanrooms. IP54 protection, holes in factory-prepared false ceilings, and emergency light versions are also available.

Joint covers

Joint covers

PVC sanitary profiles on all corner unions. On request, only on the PHARMA line, an anodized or white-painted aluminum version is available.



We offer two types of flooring for hardwall modular clean room wall kits. Either a self-laying anti-static PVC panel flooring or 300 mm high, finished, floating, walk-on floor perforated for vertical laminar flow classes IS05 and above.



Hinged access doors with anodized aluminum frame and interlocking profiles, with full light single-pane safety glass inserts. A manual sliding wing version is also available.

Optional accessories

  • vestibule entrance
  • door interlock
  • material passbox
  • air shower for people and objects
  • self-contained OMK extraction unit for positive pressure control in renewal or
  • negative height with thruster and filter cell up to H13 efficiency; also available as
  • safety unit with a bag in bag out technology
  • MRF filtering return stations for wall mounting with efficiency up to H13
  • analog measuring stations for differential pressure or pressure drop
  • wall plates for electrical or hydraulic sockets
  • single-phase or three-phase electrical sockets IP54-65
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