The Flexwall Cleanroom Kit is the latest solution designed to facilitate on-site assembly without the need for special equipment or expert personnel. Installation is also possible in areas that are not particularly accessible to standard controlled environment structures.

Flexwall modular clean room walls also offer a remarkable overall aesthetic effect, with an enviable brightness that reduces the isolation of staff.

What’s included in the Flexwall kit?

The kit is made up of compositions of equal portions so that the parts are easily joined together until the desired enclosure is achieved.

The solution guarantees quality assemblies and performance even in the most demanding sectors.

Extra flexibility for future needs

The air handling system can be disassembled, assembled, extended, reconfigured, and upgraded to further enhance its modularity and flexibility features.

Due to maximum system flexibility, set-up speed, and less onerous costs, the kit can also provide an efficient and convenient solution to the need for controlled contamination systems for non-traditional applications.


Base module dimensions

1250 mm, 1100 mm infill

Available heights (useful/overall)

2200/2650mm, 2500/2950mm, 2700, 3150mm; +300mm with air-conditioning module

Short side max.

useful 5 x1250mm
overall size n x1250 mm +150mm

Long side max.

width n x1250mmoverall dimension n x1250 mm +150mm


Internal partitions

Internal partitions

Flexwalls Cleanroom Kit can be equipped with external appendages or internal partitions to configure SAS rooms, the material passes, etc.

Two types of walls

Two types of walls

Flexwalls Cleanroom Kit can be set up as softwalls with flexible panels or hardwalls with rigid composite panels.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning

Flexwalls Cleanroom Kit features a year-round precision air conditioning system as an option.

Command and control

Command and control

For functional control, the Flexwalls Cleanroom Kit uses simplified instrumentation in the basic versions and sophisticated PLCs in the full option versions. It allows precise control of microclimate conditions, including relative humidity year-round. All typical functional parameters of cleanrooms, such as flow, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and filter wear, can be monitored, controlled, and remonetized.


  • Floor covering with self-laying PVC monolayer.
  • Automatic flow rate control with DPC 32 SPi/N system.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Differential pressure detection station between rooms.
  • Interior partitions made with wall modules, for the formation of SAS or other rooms necessary for the production process.
  • Interlock for n.2 or more doors.
  • Passbox (static or flushed).
  • Air shower MDA3000.
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