What is the difference between a static and active clean room pass through boxes?

13 November 2019
What is the difference between a static and active clean room pass through boxes?

Pass through boxes for clean rooms have become a ‘must’ in many industries over the years. When creating a production process, material flow must be designed in accordance with the various standards the labs have that take part in the process. Two labs in the same process might have very different hygiene requirements that must be taken into consideration when material is processed from one room to the other. Pass through boxes are a great way to avoid any issues that would be caused by that.

Difference between static, semi active and dynamic pass box specifications

Separate air supply

Static and semi-active pass boxes are not equipped with their own air supply, meaning that the air from one controlled environment will pass through to the next one. However, active pass boxes include a standalone fan filter, providing high purity air into the pass through box. By creating overpressure and filtering out the incoming air, active pass boxes are able to achieve the highest level of sterility of all pass boxes thanks to their own air supply. This, however, also means that a much more complex system is needed when these pass boxes are being installed. Both the air supply and exhaust must be solved.

HEPA and ULPA filters

While static pass boxes do not include a HEPA filter, semi-active and active pass boxes are both equipped with a certain kind of filer. Choosing a clean room pass through box with a suitable filter is essential for clean rooms that have higher standards. Do make sure to check what requirements your clean room must comply with before deciding on what filers and what pass boxes to choose.

ISO standard classification

As a result of the different designs, the three main types of pass boxes comply with different levels of ISO standards. White static pass boxes are usually suitable for clean rooms according to the ISO07 category, active pass boxes satisfy the requirements of ISO04 clean rooms. In case of semi-active pass boxes, feel free to get in touch with us and inquire about what solution might fit your clean room best.

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