Walk around a clean room equipped with KleanLabs doors and pass boxes

8 July 2019

Take a tour around a clean room located in Hungary at one of our client’s plants. Our client has chosen Kleanlabs products exclusively to equip their clean room, showcasing our product range. As you walk around our model clean room, keep an eye out for the doors. We have installed KleanLabs TT-1 clean room doors here which are system independent single wing hinged doors with a powder-coated aluminum surface.

Another key product that can be discovered in the video is the Kleanlabs Semi Active combi pass box which provides a professional solution for getting equipment in and out of clean rooms to avoid contamination. All our products feature antistatic surfaces to facilitate excellent hygiene and are resistant to all common cleaning products. Moreover, they receive a safety glazing to guarantee shatter proof and include only premium hardware sourced from industry-leading suppliers.


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