Pushing a cart through a pass box? No longer impossible

13 November 2019
Pushing a cart through a pass box? No longer impossible

Have you ever wondered how much easier it would be if you could just push your semi-finished or finished products from one clean room to the other on a cart without having to deal with pass through boxes? Most pass boxes are positioned higher than the ground and have something like a doorstep, which makes it awkward to use a cart for material transfer. Not to mention the size of the pass box that usually would not fit even a smaller cart…

Meet our newest design: KleanLabs® Cart-Friendly Ecobox

We have designed a pass box that makes material transfer between clean rooms with a cart possible. We have gotten rid of the doorstep and placed the pass through box to the ground level to maximize efficiency in material transfer. Our cart-friendly KleanLabs® Ecoboxes are available in custom sizes so that they only take up as much space as absolutely needed for the cart.

The active model of KleanLabs® Cart-Friendly Ecobox is equipped with a separate ventilation system, which makes an active cleaning of the materials inside possible. So far, the stainless steel model has been the most popular as it withstands structural forces resulting from material loading.

We guarantee a fast and flexible manufacturing process and deliver worldwide. For more information and for placing an order, please get in touch with is.

Clean rooms have long been used in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics and biotechnology industry, but recently the food industry has also shown an increasing interest in modern clean rooms. This is no coincidence, since our consumer society demands more and more ready-to-eat foods that are preserved, using special processes.

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