Leading publication in the industry features KleanLabs

30 October 2019
Leading publication in the industry features KleanLabs

If you are a frequent reader of industry news, you may have already come across the online magazine of Cleanroom Technology. They collect news from international sources on the hottest topics in the industry from clean room operators to contamination control specialist. If you have never heard about their website, we strongly encourage everyone in the industry to take a look. We are sure that they have some valuable content for everyone.

KleanLabs on Cleanroom Technology

KleanLabs has been featured on Cleanroom Technology for over a year now with a detailed company profile. Make sure to check out our page on Cleanroom Technology!

We have also contributed to industry news with 4 informative blog posts where we talk about our expertise: clean room products. We couldn’t be prouder to be featured on such a prestigious website. Sample our contributions to Cleanroom Technology here:

Doors and pass boxes: 6 factors of quality

As an expert cleanroom manufacturer, we help to identify the key factors of quality for choosing cleanroom doors and pass boxes for various applications. You’ll find everything you need to pay attention to to make the right decision.

Building one of Europe’s largest cleanrooms

We introduce one of our love projects: a gigantic laser research center in the South of Hungary. Only the cleanroom space occupying thousands of square meters, this project had many challenges everyone in the industry can learn from.

How to choose the right cleanroom door

Doors seal the controlled, clean environment. This is why it is essential to choose the most reliable option. In this article, we provide guidance to choose the right door and lower the risk of contamination with it.

10 things to know about cleanroom pass boxes

Get to know the types and features of cleanroom pass boxes with this article. Pass boxes are a critical part of material transfer, therefore, they not only have to assure air tightness and high level of hygiene, but also be extremely durable.

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