Introducing the KleanLabs refrigerated pass through box for clean rooms

24 September 2020
Introducing the KleanLabs refrigerated pass through box for clean rooms

Our self-developed KleanLabs product line offers a variety of clean room pass boxes for different purposes. Beside the standard models, we manufacture special versions, as well. These special models have been designed to meet the needs of industries whose needs go beyond clean room material transfer in the traditional sense.

Special solutions for unique needs

Clean room material transfer can be approached from several perspectives. We use clean room pass boxes to transfer raw materials, samples or different products into the clean environment. By using pass boxes, we can minimize the incoming contamination and number of unwanted particles in the clean room.

In case of smaller products, you may want to use a compact pass box that is small, cabinet-sized, but has all required features. However, in case of larger goods, for instance products on a pallet, you may need a pass-through chamber with a sluice system.

Transfer of material out of the clean environment can be an equally important step in the production process, requiring a pass box. In case of sensitive technologies, it is advised to create separate routes for incoming and outgoing material, meaning separating cabinets physically within the pass box. Moreover, there are various technologically critical steps that can take place within the pass box. For example, UV-light sterilization where UV-C light is used to disinfect products. In other cases, keeping products refrigerated in the pass box may be crucial.

Refrigerated clean room pass through box specifications

Among our Kleanlabs pass boxes designed for special applications, refrigerated pass boxes offer a viable solution for vaccine production and laboratories among others. These stand-alone units internal temperature can be controlled in the range of +2/+8°C or +12/+16°C. With a built-in compressor and ventilated cooling, we can create chilled clean environment ideal for material transfer.

KleanLabs refrigerated clean room pass boxes are always customized according to customer needs. We manufacture several product versions such as combi or trolley pass through boxes. The built-in interlocking system assures that doors cannot be opened at the same time. What is more, it is possible for the doors to be opened with a delay after the products and samples have been inserted, so that the samples and products are stored in the cabinet for a predetermined period of time. Of course, time spent in a refrigerated environment can even be combined with UV lamp sterilization.

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