Fresher look and clear specs – our clean room door landing page got updated

8 October 2021
Fresher look and clear specs  – our clean room door landing page got updated

Here, at KleanLabs, we believe in continuous product development, which means that our product lines tend to get quite extended over time. So extended even that our product descriptions and offerings become convoluted and hard to understand. This is when we must take a step back and come up with a perspective that will make our concept easier to understand. This is what we have done now with our clean room door product line.

Clear specs for all single and double winged, hinged and sliding clean room door models

Applying a similar approach we used in case of clean room pass boxes, we showcase all our clean room door models in a table where you can compare features and specs of different models easily. This way, identification of the right model should be much easier for procurement.

Similarly to pass boxes, we started using render images to facilitate intuitive understanding. Of course, we kept detailed feature descriptions, downloadable technical drawings and illustrative images of KleanLabs clean room doors in use.

Please note that specifications on our product page reflect standard sizes. We also manufacture completely custom products. To inquire about custom sizes and various options, get in touch with us.

About KleanLabs clean room doors in short

KleanLabs clean room doors are definitely our most frequently ordered products. We manufacture over 2000 clean room doors a year. All doors are manufactured in our factory in the EU in compliance with ISO-14644 or GMP standards. KleanLabs clean room doors come in single and double winged models in both hinged and sliding versions.

KleanLabs clean room doors meet the highest standards of clean rooms regardless of industry. Easy installation, thick door panels and high level of airtightness guarantee that KleanLabs doors will serve as a safe and functional addition to any clean room in the long run.

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