Clear overview on pass boxes with our updated page

15 May 2020

New interactive content on pass boxes provides a fresh look

Kleanlabs Pass Boxes have proved to be one of our best selling products since last year. The ever-increasing demand has inspired us to give a fresh look to all our pass box content. You may have come across our updated pass box page if you’ve been looking up pass boxes, but it’s still worth taking a closer look as we have so much new content which you’ll surely find useful.

We have been sensing a huge demand from the market for solutions that facilitate the flow of materials and tools in clean room environments. Solutions like pass boxes dramatically speed up workflows while maintaining extreme levels of hygiene. However, when a lab looks for alternatives for such issues, it turns out not to be easy to find the right specifications, detailed description and informative product presentations online. By restructuring our Kleanlabs Pass Boxes landing page, our goal was to make the job of procurement easier with a clear overview of our product lines and their features. Informative quality content is a rare species in industrial circles. This is why we want to recommend you two great articles on the subject. Find an expert-level comprehensive guide about pass box classifications including all important metrics and their explanations here. Should need a more general overview on the most important features of pass boxes, make sure to take a look at 10 things to know about cleanroom pass boxes by CleanRoom Technology.

Milestone for Kleanlabs: Launched the Kleanlabs Dynamic Pass Box to the market in 2019

Of course, our first enterprise was to start developing static pass boxes under the Kleanlabs brand to offer a product designed to facilitate material flow. Ever since we have been gradually expanding our product line. Semi-active and dynamic models followed the first products.

[kép] The greatest achievement of 2019: market launch of the Kleanlabs Dynamic Pass Box

2019 was an important milestone in the life of Kleanlabs when we have launched our first dynamic pass box to the market. This model has been enjoying a huge demand and has been in the spotlight since then. By now, we have built an entire product family with products that serve a variety of purposes. We have expanded the optional features that enable high levels of customization of a product to a specific environment. Beside LED lighting and stainless steel bumpers, we now offer:

  • magnehelic pressure gauge,
  • integrated DOP test ports,
  • connection to building management systems,
  • power coating according to RAL colors,
  • UV-C Ultraviolet germicidal lamp,
  • interlocking times for UV-C lamp effectiveness,
  • non-silicone versions sealed with polymers,
  • ATEX Zone II. explosion proof versions.

Interactive content about pass boxed on our website

We wanted to provide a fresh, systematic overview on our product family with our updated pass box landing page. The main goal was to make the page clear and informative at the same time so that procurement managers can rely on it while preparing the decision making process. To make navigation faster and easier, we have also made it interactive.

The new landing page lists all important specs of each model so that they can be easily compared. For example, whether one has a HEPA filter, supports recirculation and ducting is integrated. Moreover, we have added 2D and 3D graphics, including downloadable technical drawings with specific standard sizes. Of course, Kleanlabs manufactures products in custom sizes, which might differ, but these standard sizes might prove to be useful guidelines.

We have been eager to come up with more engaging video content lately, as well. Several YouTube videos have been uploaded about our products that provide a sneak peak into how they perform in operation and what they look like when they are built into a lab environment. Follow our colleague along on the videos who shows you how Kleanlabs products work.

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