Imagine a portable clean room you can take anywhere with you. Do you need a test lab at a remote location? Do you need extra clean room capacity quickly? Do you need to ship a clean room by boat? Mobile clean room containers can do all that! These portable versions are built into standard 20’ or 40’ HC containers that have standard attachment points, facilitating easy shipping by boat or on the road. Only an adequate source of power is needed to work the mobile clean room container.


Our mobile clean room containers are usually certified to ISO08 or ISO07 according to ISO14644, providing an optimally clean environment for most applications.


KleanLabs® mobile cleanroom containers comply with the requirements of biology, military or medical labs. The equipment is highly customizable as the interior design is always made according to the requirements of our customers.


KleanLabs® mobile cleanroom containers are also available with biological ULPA filtration or with a supply of recirculated air above the standards air exchange.


Special needs can be met by equipping the KleanLabs® mobile cleanroom container with an IT internal network, a camera system or a sterile washbasin.

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