We are introducing one of our latest designs: the clean room cabinet. This product is specifically created for the special needs of operating rooms where the need for additional sterile material and equipment may arise suddenly during an operation. These cabinets, with their AISI 316L stainless steel design, provide a safe solution for material transfer in any operating room or clean room with extremely high hygiene standards.


We manufacture every product tailored to the specific needs of our clients, providing a wide range of solutions to make your material flow efficient.


KleanLabs® Labo cabinets feature full-size tempered glass doors, so that stored items are always visible and can be grabbed quickly.


KleanLabs® Labo cabinets function similarly to pass boxes, featuring an electromagnetic lock that prevents the simultaneous opening the doors on both sides. This way, both the sterile environment and the stored materials remain contamination-free.


Similarly to pass boxes, we market KleanLabs® Labo cabinets with an active ventilation system powered by a motor. The incoming air passes through an H13 HEPA filter, eliminating dust on the shelves. The HEPA filtration can also be connected to the central air handling system.



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